Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

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The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission was created by joint resolution of the Charlotte City Council and the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners in July 1973.
The Commission has twelve members.  The County Commission appoints six Commissioners.  The Charlotte City Council appoints four Commissioners.  The Mayor of Charlotte appoints two Commissioners.  Commissioners can serve no more than two consecutive three-year terms.
The Commission meets the second Monday of each month at 6 p.m. in its meeting room at 2100 Randolph Road in Charlotte.  The Commission does not meet in July.
The Commission has three principal committees.  The Design Review Committee, the Projects Committee, and the Survey Committee.  The Design Review Committee makes recommendations on the appropriateness of material changes to historic landmarks.  The Survey Committee makes recommendations on prospective designations of historic landmarks.  The Projects Committee makes recommendations on the purchase and sale of property.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

The Commission is restoring the only known General Motors New Look Bus that operated in Charlotte.  It ran on the streets of Charlotte from 1972 until 1992.  The Commission will be considering potental uses for the bus.  Click for website on Charlotte New Look Bus.  Click for history of New Look Buses.
The State of North Carolina will be moving the Piedmont and Northern Thrift Depot across the track in January to save the building from certain destruction. Click for website.
Historic Preservation includes trees. On Hermitage Road in Myers Park stands an imposing Big Leaf Magnolia.  This tree does not reproduce naturally in Mecklenburg County.  It does propagate in a small area near the Town of Stanley in Gaston County.  The Big Leaf Magnolia is a tree of superlatives.  It has the biggest leaves and the biggest flower of any tree in temperate North America.  Does anyone know who planted this tree in Myers Park?   Click here for website on the big leaf magnolia.
The Commission has purchased the only remaining historic pottery site in Mecklenburg County.  It is located in Matthews, N.C.  The Commission hopes to sell the property to the Town of Matthews as a cultural center and park.  The video below shows R. F. Outen hard at work.  The Outen pottery closed in the mid-1970s.   Click Here For Website On Outen Pottery
Design Review
The Commission must approve material alterations to designated historic landmarks
Designation Of Historic Landmarks
The Commission recommends properties for designation as historic landmarks.
Revolving Fund
The Commission buys and sells historic landmarks and places covenants in the deeds to assure preservation
The Commission educates the public about the historic built environment of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County