1.  The National Trust For Historic Preservation is soliciting nominations for the Most Endangered Historic Properties.  To see the explanation of the program, click here.

2. Hickory Landmarks Society is touring Old Salem.  An active private preservation group can be a vital stimulus.  Click here for details.

3.  On Friday, February 8th, Dan Morrill visited Hickory to talk with Patrick Daley, the Executive Director of the Hickory Landmarks Society.  Among his findings was that the Society has an endangered landmarks fund which mainly uses assignable options to secure interests in endangered historic buildings.

4.  Here is an excellent example of why Charlotte-Mecklenburg needs a private historic preservation agency that focuses on obtaining the fee simple or any lesser included interest in endangered historic properties.  Pictured below is a house in the Wesley Heights local historic district.  The owner has applied to demolish the house.  The Historic District Commission has imposed a one-year delay on demolition, which is all it can do legally.  The best way to maximize chances for preservation is for an agency like We Preserve Mecklenburg to obtain a one-year, exclusive, assignable option to purchase.

5.  On February 17th I learned that the Davis Brothers Store in the Croft community in North Mecklenburg is for sale.  This is the best-preserved and most architecturally significant rural store building remaining in Mecklenburg County.  Every effort must be made to save the Davis Brothers Store, including its accompanying storage building.

We Preserve Mecklenburg