Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic  Commission

Projects Committee Meeting
September 6, 2016
9:00 am

1.  Report of the Projects Committeee Chair -- John Shurley

2.  Report of the HLC Chair -- Len Norman 

3.  Report of the Consulting Director -- Dan Morrill

4.  Update on the Walters Barbershop.  112-114 South Main Street, Huntersville, N.C.

The prospective buyer has deposited the earnest money and is currently in his 60-day examination period.

5.  Update on the Charles E. Barnhardt House.  2733 Country Club Lane, Charlotte, N.C. The Commission has submitted a contract to purchase.  The owner has commented on the contract.  This will be a matter of discussion.     Click Here For Photographs Of House

6.  Update on Streetcar 85.

The Commission is obligated to provide a generator and a cart for the operation of the Streetcar.  Specifications have yet to be provided by the North Carolina Transportation Museum.  The Lakewood Trolley Group continues to say that it will be ready to have the streetcar come back to Charlotte in the near future.   Click Here For Video Of Streetcar 85
7.  Update on General Motors New Look Bus.

Staff has been working to obtain an estimate on the installation of air conditioning for the bus.  Staff estimates that the Commission will be asked to authorize the expenditure of additional money to upfit the bus.  So far the Commission has spent $49,244.  The Commission has authorized the expenditure of up to $50,000 for the upfit of the bus.  Click Here For A Video Of The General Motors New Look Bus

Staff has submitted the draft of an agreement to CATS for storage and routine maintenance of the bus.

8.  Update on Phillips House and Morris Barn, 131 W. Charles St., Matthews, N.C.

The County has terminated the contract with the Adams Group to solicit community attitudes about future development of the property.  Staff is seeking another consultant to oversee the process.   Click Here For A Video Of The Phillips House And Morris Barn
9.  Discussion of Marketing Strategy for the Edward M. Rozzel Farm.  11647 Old Rozzelles Ferry Rd., Charlotte, N.C.

Staff is developing proposed parameters for development of the property.  Realtor Eric Gamble has visited the site and is preparing recommendations for marketing the property.  An appraisal of the property is underway.   Click Here For Photographs Of The Rozzel Farm      Click here for Development Options

10.  Discussion of Marketing Strategy for the Delburg Cotton Mill House.  303 Delburg St., Davidson, N.C.  Staff has developed estimates for the cost of restoring the house and estimates of the price the Commission can expect a buyer to pay.  Expenditures to date: c. $150,000.  Estimated Renovation Costs:  $250,000. Expected Return from Sale:  $220,000 - $250,000.  Staff recommends that the Commission place the house on the market "as is."   Click Here For Photographs Of The Delburg Mill House

11.  Update on the Torrence Lytle School.  The Commission has voted to clean all buildings environmentally and to stabilize the original school building.  Bids for the environmental cleanup have been let and will be opened on September 23rd.  A prospective buyer has stated interest in purchasing the property once the cost for environmental cleanup is determined.

12.  Old Business

13.  New Business